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I FINALLY updated DotOnTheMap. Clicky clicky, read, comment, criticize.

I was thinking as I was typing this latest post how cool it would be if I got good enough and had enough followers that i would get a cool abbreviation nickname. Like, a gaggle of fans asking each other on twitter if they'd read the newest DotM post because that frisky Erica was up to it again. Motivation to keep writing and exploring, y/y?


If I ever meet the inventor of the home surround sound system and/or the inventor of big, dumb, loud action movies, I will punch them in the face.

Aug. 28th, 2012

The Parrot Bay rum I bought earlier today froze when I put it back in the freezer after making my first roman coke. I managed to get a bit of it out of the bottle, and now I'm having a Roman Slushie.

Best thing to come out of this storm, tbh.

Aug. 20th, 2012

The journey of twenty pounds begins with one step.
I do my best not to make judgements and call on stereotypes when I'm waitressing. While most of the time, I call it straight, sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised. When it comes down to it, there are good tips and bad tips all over.

However, I can confidently say that I have NEVER. EVER. EVER. seen a good tip from anyone from Mississippi. And sadly, it's a general fact among all of us in the restaurant industry in this area. Either no one taught them math, or no one told them that it's both legal and socially acceptable to tip over 10%. In fact, it's generally recommended to tip 15%. At least. Especially since they tend to drink a lot, eat a lot, and run the server a lot.

Fuck that entire state. Miserable, trashy, non-tipping assholes.

I performed an experiment

I was curious about that birthday notification feature on facebook. If no one knew it was your birthday, would they wish it to you anyways? And no, this was not an exercise in navel gazing to see how many friends I *actually* had, it was just curiosity. Turns out that indeed, if facebook doesn't remind you that it's your birthday, no one will wish it to you.

Well, no one who wouldn't already, anyways. The people who matter to me did, and that makes me happy. The way people back up in CO practically live on facebook, and to them, nothing is legitimate until it's been put in a public forum. It's given me an aversion to facebook by this point, and this little experiment kind of explains a lot to me.

In more irritating news, I tried to originally get out of my birthday notification by changing the date of my birthday, and now facebook won't let me change it back.

Jun. 16th, 2012

I saw The Avengers last night. It was everything I dreamed of and more.

Also, I've set a new record as far as "Swag I've smuggled into the movies" goes:

1 full sized bag of Entenmann's chocolate doughnuts
1 bag Target-brand gummy worms
1 bag sour worms, same brand
1 bag soft mint drops, same
1 bag Red Fish, same
1 bag licorice bites, same
2 mini bottles Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon
1 bottle coke (16.5 ounces)
1 bottle water (48 ounces)

Oh, and of course my friend and I bought a big bag of popcorn once we got to the movies. No movie is complete without that.
A couple weeks back, I put out an all-call on FB looking for new road trip music. I love what I have in my car right now, I just need a little change in the line-up. For the record though, the best album I have EVER heard and what gets played the most in my car is Jace Everett's Red Revelations. I listened to it from Fort Worth, TX to Fort Collins, CO without even thinking about getting tired of it.

So anyways, yeah, with the prompters that I like some blues, some jazz, a lot of country, and new things, I got a lot of cool answers, that led me to linking around on Amazon while I checked them out. While I got a bunch of good suggestions, in the end, it was like back to basics for me: someone suggested Jason Aldean, and I spent two hours linking around various country artists (tbh, i'm really not a fan of Aldean and I don't see why people make a big deal out of him). And then on the offhand suggestion that I see what Aretha Franklin is up to these days led to me looking at everyone BUT Aretha Franklin. In the end, it was everyone's suggestions that led me to finding someone else that suited my needs.

But enough talk. I just tracked my order with Amazon, and it's only a couple days away and I am SO EXCITED. Here is the final line-up:

Oingo Boingo, Dead Man's Party
Etta James, The Dreamer (this was also her last release before her death)
Bonnie Raitt, Souls Alike
Dierks Bentley, Up On The Ridge (Bentley. like Jace Everett, is walking sex. And "Draw Me a Map" makes me sigh every time)
Little Big Town, The Reason Why
Gloriana, Gloriana (Guilty pleasure. JUDGE ME, I DON'T EVEN CARE).

I'm coming back later for Miranda Lambert's Revolution, The Pistol Annies, and a few others that I was on the fence about. Also, please tell me when JT Hodges is finally going to put out an album. Good lord, I've been whistling "Hunt You Down" for a solid year now.

Apr. 14th, 2012

There is a rock the size of my head in the dishwasher. Nothing is broken. It was clearly neatly placed in there. It's just waiting for the next full load to be washed.

None of my room mates are here to explain this to me.

Mar. 28th, 2012

A couple friends and I drove up to Estes Park today, where I got to see the Stanley Hotel (which, btw, is bright and happy and does NOT look like it should be one of the most haunted hotels in the country). Because I can't be sure I'll ever have this photo op again, I convinced one of the other girls to stand in front of it holding hands like the little sisters in blue from The Shining.

And neither of the other girls had any clue what I was talking about.

So, I'm giving this whole synopsis of the movie and where the twins fit in, and I say "come play with us Danny. Forever!" To which Cati (the driver) goes "OMG, I know what you're talking about! From that commercial!".

*sigh, yeah. From that commercial.